Where Are The Jobs? Ask The Unions

When President Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill, he promised it would create or save 3.5 million jobs. Ever since, federal and state officials have been trying to count those jobs, but it hasn’t been easy.  

We should just relax and ask the unions.

One man jumped to his death off the All-America Bridge in Ohio this year.

Two more used the Akron bridge — more commonly known as the Y-Bridge — to commit suicide in 2008.

Akron hopes to curtail future deaths on what has been dubbed ”Suicide Bridge” by installing a fence.

The fence is a stimulus jobs program: and the jobs have to be union jobs.

“The question to me was, ‘How in God’s name did Obama’s guys come up with these job numbers for us?’  So, being a good accountant I dove into it.”

“I think they used a ouija board.”

That’s from my friend in Massachusetts speaking about the number of jobs that would be saved there as estimated by team Obama.  The people in Massachusetts have no idea how they can ever save that number of jobs, we were told….

“They must have just manufactured these numbers in Washington DC….”

The unions now own Chrysler, or a big chunk of it.

The Teamsters Union is the main reason that more trucks from Mexico can’t carry goods into the U.S.

The teachers unions will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Obama education reform efforts — as near as we can tell.

And every little city in America that took stimulus money from the federal government hoping to gain 60 jobs may only get like 45 jobs — because they must be union jobs.

Obama also favors the controversial union building measure called “Cardcheck.”

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Now we find out that one of the Obama Administration’s cost savings measures is to cut funding for those looking for corruption in the unions…..

The Labor Department’s Office of Labor-Management Standards took its job of policing unions seriously. Its actions led to 929 convictions of corrupt union officials and to the recovery of more than $93 million on behalf of union members during the Bush Administration. Yet the Obama administration has proposed slashing its budget from $45 million in 2009 to $41 million in 2010, citing an insufficient “workload” for the office.

Michelle Malkin:

American Spectator:

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