China’s Real Human Rights Shame is No “Care” For People, Torture, Forced Abortions To Hold Down Population

China now owns more U.S. debt than anyone else so don’t expect to hear much any more about human rights inside China.

Lets just lump all China’s many documented human rights abuses into one: the government of China cares little for the life of the average Chinese.

There is nothing close to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in China.  The lack of such an organization means China has the highest rate of accidental worker deaths in the world and per capita in the world.

Any way one keeps statistics: the number of people killed in front of a government that seems to say “big deal” is astounding and shameful.

China has a “one child policy” to prevent overpopulation. Offenders can be subject to forced abortions which are brutal in the extreme.

forced abortion

Today China said the death toll of children in last year’s earthquake was in excess of 5,000 dead.  Most were killed by schools built with total disregard to building standards and by using shoddy material.

And in China, waterboarding is not Torture.  Usually, in China,  torture includes the sexual organs which are removed by force and not by a doctor….


From The Times (UK)

China has finally revealed how many children perished during last year’s earthquake but the publication of an official death toll immediately provoked criticism from parents and a leading campaigner.

Just how many children died at schools that failed to withstand the tremor has become an extremely sensitive issue.

Numerous questions have been raised as to whether the thousands of schools that crumbled had been built to shoddy standards, with corners cut amid the corruption and mismanagement that have dogged China’s rapid economic reforms.

Almost a year to the day when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake killed as many as 90,000 people in Sichuan, a mountainous region of southwestern China, officials announced that the number of children who died when schools collapsed was 5,335, including confirmed dead and those listed as missing. No names were given.

The announcement was criticised by Ai Weiwei, the renowned Chinese artist who, with the help of 60 volunteers, has been compiling an independent list of the children killed.

Mr Ai, an adviser to the architects who designed the Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium in Beijing, has so far identified 5,203 child fatalities.

He said that the Government tally, which provided the total but did not explain how it had arrived at that figure, was insufficient. If the names are not known, he said, it prolongs the grief of parents who lost children in the disaster and helps prevent a proper investigation of possible wrongdoing by builders.

“I don’t think this is progress,” he said. “Any incomplete information is just a partial truth. These are all unreliable. The names should be made public.” The official death toll remains at 68,712 with 18,000 listed as missing and presumed dead. Many of the dead may never be recovered, buried in the ruins of entire towns and villages that disappeared. Children were in afternoon classes when the tremor struck on May 12 last year. About 3,000 schools simply crumpled.

Parents devastated at the loss of sons and daughters, most born under China’s strict “one couple, one child” family planning policy, have sought a government accounting and a proper explanation as to why so many schools fell down.

Police and local officials have blocked parents of the dead children from staging protests to seek information. An Amnesty International report this week chronicles instances in which parents were detained by police while seeking answers from courts.

Lawyers who took on such cases came under pressure to drop their involvement.

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One Response to “China’s Real Human Rights Shame is No “Care” For People, Torture, Forced Abortions To Hold Down Population”

  1. adonis49 Says:

    China is going through the same process of industrialization as the western nations but in a quicker time span and a population vastly more numerous. I am afraid of China drive for superseeding the USA within a decade which means more calamities and an impossibility of resolving the global problems on unified policies. China has to be confronted globally otherwise the world is heading to a catastroph of huge magnitude.

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