Obama Opposes School Choice in Washington DC: But His Kids Have a Choice

More hard to explain Obama decision making while the media sleeps.

President Obama’s kids go to private schools.  Some of their schoolmates are poor kids using vouchers to go to that school.  But the president has sided with teachers unions to fight against these vouchers.

The Mayor of Washington DC and his schools’ boss have asked the Obama Administration to continue the voucher program but President Obama has rebuffed their requests — even though his own two kids go to private schools.

Makes sense so far?  The fact is: the president is pro-union to the extent that in the Chrysler deal, the union got paid before the preferred debt holders. So the Washington DC union teachers have to get all the students they can: even if parents complain those teachers aren’t educating their kids.  Parents want the coice: because it is working and their kids are getting a better education because of choice: like Obama’s kids.
Education is part of Obama’s three headed hydra along with the environment and health care.  But it has to be Obama’s education: with union teachers.  Home shooling and vouchers be damned.  In health care it will undoubtedly be Obama’s government health care: not necessarily better health.  Or care.  But probably, almost certainly, more government.  And on energy/environment: just forget about coal, gas, oil, and nuclear and get on the wind bandwagon: whatever the cost.

Makes no sense…


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