In Pakistan, Taliban Has Won The PR War — Democracy and USA Have Lost

In Pakistan last week, the Taliban approached the outskirts of Islamabad and threatened the very existance of the government.  The government responded with an offensive into the Swat valley — in exchange for continued U.S. money and support and a promise from the U.S. to halt drone attacks which are unpopular among the Pakistani people.

From Dawn Newspaper, Pakistan:

Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said the militants were in control of ‘90 per cent’ of the [Swat] valley and said their actions were in response to army violations of the peace deal such as attacking insurgents and boosting troop numbers in the region. He accused the government of acting under pressure from the US

Everything will be OK once our rulers stop bowing before America,’ he told AP by cell phone, adding the peace deal had ‘been dead’ since the operation in Buner.

Meanwhile, heavy shelling was witnessed in Swat’s Qambar area as militants engaged the security forces.

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If The U.S. Has To Say “Pakistan is Not A Failed State” It Just Might Be One…..

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States supports “unambiguously” Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari and rejects the notion that his nuclear-armed state is collapsing, US envoy Richard Holbrooke said Tuesday.

Any attempt by the Pakistani military to launch a coup against Zardari’s eight-month-old civilian government would be “terrible,” he added in testimony to the House of Representatives.

Pakistan‘s of such immense importance to the United States, strategically and politically, that our goal must be to support unambiguously and help stabilize a democratic Pakistan headed by its elected president, Asif Ali Zardari,” Holbrooke said.

“We have the highest strategic interest in supporting this government.”

Rejecting US media reporting that President Barack Obama‘s administration is reaching out behind Zardari’s back to political rival Nawaz Sharif, he added: “We do not think Pakistan is a failed state.

“We think it is a state that is under extreme test. We have the same common enemies,” said Holbrooke, who is Obama’s special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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“I remain comfortable that the nuclear weapons in Pakistan are secure, that the Pakistani leadership, and in particular the military, is very focused on this,” said Admiral Mike Mullen, the US Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff…..

We at Peace and Freedom believe Pakistan just might be a failed state or nearly so….and the military could just take over the government at just about any time….

The White House of “We Can’t Do A Thing About It”


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