Time For The U.S. To Walk Away From Pakistan?

WHAT Washington calls “strategy” is usually just inertia: We can’t imagine not supporting Pakistan because we’ve “always” supported Pakistan.

No matter how shamelessly Pakistan’s leaders looted their own country, protected the Taliban, sponsored terror attacks on India, demanded aid and told us to kiss off when we asked for help, we hadto back the Paks.

Because that’s just the way things are.

Well, now that Islamist marauders are sweeping the country with violence as the generals in Rawalpindi mull “To be or not to be” and President Ali Asif Zardari knocks back another scotch behind closed doors, perhaps we should consider an alternative approach to this splintering, renegade state.

By Ralph Peters
The New York Post

A better strategy’s obvious. But Washington has trouble with the obvious. At our pathetic State Department, habit trumps innovation every time. And the Pentagon can’t seem to see beyond the immediate battlefield.

What should we do? Dump Pakistan. Back India.

Washington’s deep thinkers will cry, “But China might move in!”

If China wants Pakistan, let Beijing have it. That would be fun to watch. Take on the Taliban? Given China’s ghastly ineptitude in dealing with its Uighur Muslims, more power to ’em.

Anyway, China knows that India’s the prize. Indian neutrality is essential to any future conflict with the United States. Beijing isn’t going to do anything to drive New Delhi into a closer relationship with Washington (and the US Navy).

So set the “China syndrome” fears aside. Move on to the integrity issue: We claim — or used to claim — that we’re serious about combating terrorists and punishing their backers.

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