The Pre-School President

Public life in America resembled a pre-school classroom this week: the President informed citizens to “wash your hands” and “cover your mouth when you cough,” while alleged adults at CNN hoisted up letter-grade placards at the prompting of Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer: “What grade would you give President Obama for…?”

By George Neumayr
The American Spectator

What grade would you give President Obama for financing the killing of unborn children at home and abroad, Gloria? That question never came, but he deserved at least a few gold stars from Begala, Borger and Gergen. Indeed, one would have to give him an A+ for corroding “the character” of the country, to borrow his phrase from Wednesday night’s press conference. (George W. Bush did that, Obama implied, by treating terrorists like swine.)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, concerned about the spread of the swine flu virus, told NBC’s Matt Lauer on Thursday morning, “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now.” Apparently Biden has finally found the crisis within six months he promised during the campaign.

Change your tires regularly, wear a condom, avoid Puerto Vallarta — this administration is certainly looking out for the American people. But President Obama remains diffident about giving advice on the issue of abortion, at least advice that could save lives.

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