“The Obama White House Press Corps is In Love”

“The Obama White House Press corp is in love,” said Karl Rove, “Which explains a lot.”

The love affair explains the lack of harball questions during the “Some enchanted evening press conference.”

The love affair explains why no member of the media has said, “Mister President, we are talking here about a cabinet meeting on the flu and you are telling Americans how to wash their hands.  Has this ever happened before?”

The media in love means Obama’s first cabinet meeting was about saving $100 million: a crumb in the bakery so to speak.

The media in love means the president can denigrate some of his own voters: tea party folks — without much of a whimper from the media….

The love affair explains getting away with murder by killing three Somali teens in mid-negotiation: then bragging that the next Supreme Court justice will be empathetic.

The media in love explains why someone in the White House thought it was a cool idea to buzz New York a la 9/11 using Air Force One.

The media in love means the president can ignore the claims of senior creditors in the Chrysler case, putting the unions ahead, and then leaking that the senior creditors are “un-American.”

The media in love means Mrs. Obama can wear $450 shoes to a food bank but when John McCain and Fred Thompson wore shoes the media considered too expensive: YIKES what a flurry.

The media in love explains a lot, as Karl Rove pointed out.  And a lot of what it explains concerns a self aggrandizing chief executive that is getting away with murder.


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The kicks, made by high-end French fashion label Lanvin, cost $540.
The media has taken a walk….Ernst/Reuters

Thomas Jefferson: When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. 

The current love affair with Obama means the current media is not chasing after stories of real merit.  And that will lead to tyranny and inequality and we have no empathy for that…..

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