Obama Wants Empathy in Supreme Court: If the People and Media Like You Can You Then “Get Away With Murder”?

Empathy in the Supreme Court.  What is that exactly?  If a man found guilty of murder is likable and his case reaches the Supreme Court, do we want the court to ignore all lower courts and the law?  Do we want a ruling on heart and media likability or do we want blind justice and law?

More and more we at Peace and Freedom wonder about who Barack Obama really is. 

We wonder about the president’s many dichotomies.

We wonder about the president’s real role in the case of  U.S. Navy SEAL snipers killing three Somali pirates to rescue Captain Phillips.

It just seemed (and seems more so now) that Obama’s authorization of the use of such force — executions really — was an act of “rights denial” totally out of character for this President of the United States.

It certainly lacked empathy.

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And why no flurry of Obama hugging Phillips or taking more of a stand against pirates? Methinks the pirates do get in the way too much.  And by killing three pirates — an act Obama cannot be proud of if he really has empathy at all — the president has shown us real inner weakness.  He maybe doesn’t care so much about the little guy, his situation and his needs.  Obama cares first and foremost about himself.  Pirates and the plight of Somalia are really a distraction — as is darfur and other areas of torment and blight.

The only torment President Obama wants Americans thinking about now is George Bush and his handling of everything — especially those who were “tortured.”

But isn’t death by sniper a torture?  A denial of rights?  A denial of the right to life?

Obama has spoken about negotiating with the “moderate” Taliban, has removed the word “terrorist” from the national lexicon, has reached out to Iran even as that nation’s president denies the Holocaust and marches toward a nuclear weapon.  He’s the president who has called waterboarding terrorists “torture.”  And now, the president of such great heart, love and understanding wants that same kind of empathy in his Supreme Court nominee.

Yet he authorized the execution of three Somali teen-agers who had held hostages before and never harmed or killed one.  And this happened during negotiations.

Certainly, death by sniper lacks empathy, denies rights and is a form of torture?

More Somali pirates have died at the hands of this White House than Americans have died from the flu…..And the media — any media —  refuses to chase after this story…..

I think there are serious ethical and moral issues here and the dichotomies of Barack Obama never cease to amaze us….

It’s almost as if a guy that the public and the media likes can get away with murder….

And that’s why we want a “justice is blind” Supreme Court….

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