President’s Biggest News Conference Lie: Jobs

Forget that jerk Joe Biden saying we shouldn’t travel while there’s flu in the air: a remark everyone had to clarify with “What the Vice President meant to say….”

How about the president saying last night his stimulus saved or created 150,000 jobs already?  He knows what “net” means, one would think, and he knew last night he was already scheduled to announce the end of Chrysler as we know it on Thurday.

Obama-Chrysler-Fiat-GMAC-Canada: If This Works; Pigs Can Fly

Added May 9:
Obama Team Might Have “Miscalculated” On Jobs, Stimulus
Yet last night President Obama said his “stimulus” or as he calls it, “the Recovery Act” “has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.”

“That dog won’t hunt,” said Neil Cavuto of Fox Business.


Just in today’s and yesterday’s news, GM is telling news outlets that 1,000 dealerships will have to close, defence equipment firm BAE Systems said Thursday that it will cut around 500 jobs and close three sites, and Swiss bank UBS said on Thursday it had eliminated 2,000 U.S. jobs as part of its latest mammoth round of job cuts announced earlier in April.

The Labor Department said today 631,000 Americans filed applications for jobless benefits in the week that ended April 25, and the total number of people on jobless rolls rose by 133,000 the prior week to 6.27 million, the 13th straight time the figure has set a record.

Christina Romer, chair of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, predicted another economic contraction in the second quarter albeit at a slower pace and delivered a downbeat assessment about unemployment. “The recovery will almost surely take a long time,” she said.

And how about Chrysler?  CNN says:

The company’s liabilities and an unspecified number of Chrysler’s 3,300 dealerships which now sell the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands will be left behind in the bankruptcy court.

Remember Nancy Pelosi: “The auto industry is too big to fail”?

Pelosi, a California Democrat, didn’t cite GM by name in her statement endorsing a bailout last November, but she said an automaker collapse would have a “devastating impact on our economy.”

From Bloomberg last November 12:

“Trying to reorganize the auto industry in bankruptcy would be as close to reorganizing the whole U.S. economy as you could get,” said Alan Gover, a bankruptcy lawyer with White & Case LLP in New York. “The vast supply chain involves thousands of businesses, millions of existing jobs and just as many retirees, as well as whole communities and states.”

Passage of an industry bailout plan may keep GM from running out of operating cash by year’s end, which it says may happen without U.S. help. Detroit-based GM is the second-biggest provider of private health-care benefits and was the third- biggest advertiser in this year’s first half.

“It’s truly one of those companies that’s too big to fail, and everybody understands that,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Global Insight Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. “If it does collapse, it could make the recession deeper and longer.”


Michelle Malkin:
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One Response to “President’s Biggest News Conference Lie: Jobs”

  1. Coinach Kirkcroughan Says:

    I have lived in America for 11 in 1998. I believe THE BEST thing that has happened to ‘Ameraca’ Is when Barrack Obama
    became president. What a lot of work he has to do to put the U.S.A. right and user friendly.
    We are in the 21st centuary, so lets work and think as if we are. Instead of laying off workers at the motor vehicle plants,
    why don’t you start working on vehicles of The Future, start with electric cars, have a look at France, I remember about 12 years ago, walking down a main street in Paris, I saw this car pull up at the side of the road at a parking spot, the driver plugged a lead from his car into the meter, Yes he was re-charging his vehicle. I know there is research into other means of propultion, lets get on with making our world more user friendly.
    How can your country believe that they can put other countries Right, you know “Fix there Problems”.
    Ameraca can’t fix it’s own problems, I have been advised that Americans own 40,000,000 hand gun’s, What The Hell for, “Get Real” as the younger people say now. Put your Own House in order, then the rest of the world Will have Respect for you.

    Next, Obama will be president for quite a few terms, This I know. Prepair then to be governed by Women, Yes Females.
    Men have fucked our world up To Long.
    As a 78 yr old Australian who originated in Manchester, England.
    I challange you Get Your House in Order, then the people of Our World will respect you and follow you.

    I dare you to print this, Bet you don’t.
    I do not have a web site, YET ???
    I spell America, “Ameraca,” to proove I have lived their.

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