Obama Should Cancel Notre Dame Visit: Or why not throw a pig roast in Mecca?

Here’s why Rahm Emanuel might tell his boss to go to Notre dame: the photo of Obama before a giant Notre Dame seal will be priceless.

I can hear Emanuel now: “You bowed to the Saudi and got away with it…”

But there might be a price and not just to Notre Dame, if el Presidente goes to ND..  People who respect life might take that as an in-your-face insult that No Drama Obama doesn’t need or want.

After just 100 days, Obama is sure to enjoy another 7 years, 265 days in the White House.  Time to run out the clock: expecially on something as touchy as this.

Or just go to the rib roast in Mecca as Kathleen Parker suggests.

Pork ribs….


Here on planet “What About Me,” principled people are so rare as to be oddities. Thus, it was a head-swiveling moment Monday when Mary Ann Glendon, the former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, quietly declined Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal.

By Kathleen Parker
The Washington Post

Glendon — a Harvard University law professor and a respected author on bioethics and human rights — rejected the honor in part because Barack Obama was invited to be commencement speaker and to receive an honorary degree.

In a letter to Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John I. Jenkins, Glendon wrote of her dismay that Obama was to receive the degree in disregard of the U.S. bishops’ position that Catholic institutions “should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.”

But the more compelling reason seems to have been Glendon’s sense that she was being used to deflect criticism. As a mutual friend put it, “Father Jenkins thought he could use Mary Ann Glendon as a fig leaf.”

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