Obama Must Be Lonely At The Top

Sometimes we get the feeling Barack Obama is a one man show — which would make him very lonely at the top.

Who does Barack go to for a laugh about the numbskulls around him?  I mean, when Biden blows a two minute shot on NBC by telling people not to go into tight places like aircraft, subways, trains, cars, taxis, and well, it’s implied, WORK, during a recession because of the flu, who does Barack go to see for a laugh?

Now Janet (“keep your eyes on those veterans and Canadians”) Napolitano is clarifying what Biden says.

This is rich.

And why did the president have to make the Chrysler announcement this morning?  He’s a camera hog?  Nope.  Would you have paid any attention to Tim Geithner?  Or “Sleepy” Larry Summers?

Barack: Get the reset button from Hillary and Biden and start the day over….

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wondered: Does anyone in the White House actually do research?

Not as far as we can tell….


Was it Joe Biden, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton that thought it was a good idea to encourage Russia to just hit the “reset” button?  Well, whoever…..

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button marked "reset" in English and "overload" in Russian.

Barack, Hillary: Moronic “Reset” Idea for Relations With Russia




From Politico

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tried to cover for Joe Biden Thursday by arguing that when the vice president suggested …

… Americans avoid planes and trains, he was giving advice similar to what the government has been saying all along.

“I think the vice president, if he could say that over again, he would say if they’re feeling sick, they should stay off of public transit or confined spaces because that, indeed, is the advice that we have been giving,” Napolitano said during an interview on MSNBC.

“What we’re advising people to do is if you feel sick, take responsibility for yourself and stay off of transportation or crowded areas. Don’t go to work. Don’t send your child to school. And, again, it’s not — it’s not just a cold, but if you have signs of the flu, which is commonly associated with a fever, heavy cough, and the like,” she added.

“So again, let’s not — let’s not overreact. We’re asking people to take common-sense precautions. And that’s how we’re going to work our way through this problem.”


Winston Churchill
Persona non grata in today’s White House used as a positive reference during last night’s news confernece….


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