Gibbs: “What the Vice President meant to say…”

Not only did White House spokesman Robert Gibbs clarify the VEEP Joe Biden’s remarks on NBC this morning, he used the demeaning “what he meant to say” line twice, as if to say he himself, Gibbs, was a lot smarter than Biden.

If you know Biden you knew this day would come….

Journalist Bill Samon called Biden a “gaffe machine…a political liability.”

Meanwhile the White House press briefing today seemed to revolve around the flu.

And why not?  Biden said don’t fly or ride the subway, he even mentioned sneezing in classrooms, the president was in Mexico 13 days ago and NBC used the word “panic” in the headline about Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference at ...

In the Congress, a Republican said he couldn’t find ground truth at the DHS and Centers for Disease Control.

Rep. Brian Bilbray of California said he was told DHS and CDC told border agents and airport screeners not to wear protective masks because they looked too sinister.

“For somebody sitting in D.C., who won’t even allow their family to fly, and then to sit there and say, don’t put on the masks until you know someone is sick is absolutely absurd. And it shows that Washington doesn’t understand the procedures or the conditions along the border,” Bilbray said. “Washington ought to wake up.”

The Department of Homeland Security said Thursday it has not told agents at U.S. airports and border checkpoints that they cannot wear masks to protect from exposure to swine flu.

“The Department of Homeland Security has not issued an order saying our employees cannot wear masks. The health of our employees is of utmost importance to us. And today we are issuing department-wide guidance to our workforce,” DHS spokeswoman Sara Kuban told FOX News. 

Kuban was responding to a claim made Thursday that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security issued a guideline banning masks because they look too intimidating.

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