Former Continental Airline CEO: Biden Over Reacting, Over Hyping Flu

Frank Lorenzo, the former CEO of Continental Airlines added his voice to a chorus of others today who were taken aback by Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that he would tell his family to stay off airplanes during the flu outbreak.

Lorenzo said Biden was “overreacting and overhyping.”

“If a person decides not to travel due to the risks, that is his issue,” said Lorenzo.

Lorenzo appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto during the 4 PM (Eastern) hour.

Earlier today White House spokesman Robert Gibbs had to answer questions about Biden’s gaffe and said, “What the Vice President meant to say was….

Janet Napolitano also tried to rescue Biden and said the best defense from the flu was to wash with soap and water.

Maybe she should wash the Veep’s mouth out with soap and water….


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