President’s 100th day in office, derided as “Hallmark holiday,” turns into media blitz

For an administration that brushed off the president’s 100th day in office as a “Hallmark holiday,” the White House seems to be taking today’s media blitz pretty seriously.

A merry-go-round of interviews has been ongoing since this morning on the White House grounds and beyond, featuring surrogates including Emanuel, Jarrett, Clinton, Orszag, Gibbs, Romer, Goolsbee, Miranda, McDonough and Barnes. UPDATE: Add Shaun Donovan to the list.

Not to mention the “100 Days” photo scrapbook posted on, the regional media roundtable interviews with administration officials, Obama’s hour-long town hall event this afternoon and the upcoming prime time press conference with POTUS in the East Room.

In an unrelated media push, Tom Vilsack, Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano and CDC Director Richard Besser are also out talking about the administration’s response to swine flu. — Carol E. Lee POLITICO (3:12 p.m.)

Hot Air

Obama Attacks Tea Party Folks, Fox News on Government Paid 100th Day Victory Lap


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