Obama’s Too Many Dichotomies; Requires a Telepromter to Keep Himself Straight

There are just too many dichotomies in some people to allow me to swallow their mantra.

Obama objects to waterboarding, which may have saved America from new terror attacks.  Yet he happily agrees to the execution of three Somali pirates that only wanted money and had a record of never, ever harming a hostage in the past.

He says he is the great communicator and even told Harry Reid he has a “gift,” yet he needs a telepromter to get through the most simple White House pronouncement — and he has even gotten lost using the telepromter.

He wants to create jobs but rushes through a “stimulus” that Nancy Pelosi’s crowd crafted — oblivious or uncaring that much of it has nothing to do with jobs.

And he promises sweeping health care reform but has again given responsibility for the details to Pelosi….

He is against earmarks but signed a bill in secret to hide his own gross permission to allow their continued use….

He rose from a broken home and was raised by grandparents who could have easily turned their backs on him yet he endorses abortion: the gravest way any family can turn its back on a new or unwanted addition.

He represents all that’s great about America yet he grovels before all that blame America for much about everything.

While embracing allies he seems unaware that he is neglecting and causing worry for life-long allies like Israel.

He is all about ending carbon and then flies to Iowa on Earth Day in his carbon producing jet — then loses track of the jet fleet entirely and scares New Yorkers at a cost of tons of more carbon and close to $1 million dollars.

Time to photoshop.

On Earth Day Obama’s windmill plant with just 900 jobs had once produced washers and driers and 4,000 jobs — then one quarter of the Iowa town’s work force.

He visited Mexico and came home with no new plan for drug enforcement, border patrols, immigration or guns.  Yet the Mexican swine flu is cause for alarm.

Frankly, Mexican drug gangs kill more Americans each year than the Black Plague ever could….

He is a man of great faith, we are told, yet tolerated or never noticed Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America” approach for years and then didn’t attend any church service from inauguration day until Easter…

He participated in the “papering over” of Jesus at Georgetown….

With Obama there are too many dichotomies for me which causes me worry.

He seems a pre-packaged Hollywood mirage we cannot belive in.  Scripted, with modern day cue cards and pollsters at the ready to help shape every move…

And with our economy we need a dose of reality: not the mirage that endless borrowing won’t cause problems later….

Michelle Malkin:

Our final dichotomy is the way the White House has handled day 100: is it a “Hallmark Moment” for meaningless greeting cards, as Robert Gibbs suggested, or is it a media circus as the White House seems to be making it?

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