Obama’s First 100 days: Gag bill for ministers? “God damn America” is O.K., Literal reading of the bible may not be….

The House is expected to act on hate crimes legislation Wednesday.

Opponents spoke out against the bill, Tuesday, on Capitol Hill calling it a “gag bill for ministers.”

The legislation adds gay and transgender people to the list of federally protected classes for hate crimes.

Texas congressman Louie Gohmert is a former judge. He says the law already punishes people who commit terrible crimes for any reason.
 hate crimes law, he said, would add nothing but punishment for pastors who preach biblically held beliefs against homosexuality.

“It would not take too many arrests to have an extraordinary chilling affect on some religious teachings with regard to sexual immorality,” Gohmert claimed.

Congressman Clyburn says the law is only meant to keep gay people from being targeted because of their sexuality.

“Nothing in this legislation will stymie the free expression of any religion,” he said.

Opponents are working to amend the legislation to protect pastors.

From CBN News



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