Swine Flu Could Have Started In US, Says Mexican Health Secretary

Here’s the next White House foul up of a photo op already developing.  I can see it now: “We are so sorry that America caused the swine flu to kill so many Mexicans.  If I could speak mexican myself I’d really show you how sorry we are as a nation.”

The announcement will be made on May 5.


As more swine flu cases are reported, Mexico is fighting the claim that the disease started within its borders. The push back is becoming increasingly difficult, especially now that reports are surfacing that the possible source could be a Mexican four-year old named Edgar Hernandez Hernandez.

Mexico’s Health Secretary said it was “risky” to blame Mexico for the outbreak:

Mexico, where the number of deaths believed caused by swine flu rose by 50 percent on Monday to 152, is suspected to be the center of the outbreak. But Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova late Monday said no one knows where the outbreak began, and implied it may have started in the U.S.

“I think it is very risky to say, or want to say, what the point of origin or dissemination of it is, given that there had already been cases reported in southern California and Texas,” Cordova told a press conference.




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