Obama In 100 Days Raised Federal Spending (Borrowing) to $2 Billion Per Hour; Carville Says Dems Will Rule For 40 Years

In his first 100 days, Barack Obama has raised the level of planned and ongoing federal spending to $4.2 trillion or about $2 billion each hour.

This means there will be, on average, a $1trillion net deficit for at least 10 years. 

“This national debt will be unsustainable,” said Senator Judd Gregg.  “This is so much debt a European nation would not be allowed into the European Unuion (EU) with this debt.”


Carville Says Democrats Will Rule for 40 Years

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers
U.S. News & World Report

For his latest book about Democrats ruling Washington for the next 40 years, consultant James Carville laid his thesis out to Republicans. “They said, ‘Yeah, it’s horrible,’ ” he says. In 40 More Years, How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation, he presents the facts about the last two elections in his “ragin’ Cajun” style. The GOP lost the youth and Hispanic vote and is credibility-starved. Then he kicks the party’s faves: Sarah Palin, the 2008 veep nominee, for once running an Alaskan city hall that “looks just like a Louisiana bait shop,” and Fox’s Bill O’Reilly as stupid, bigoted, and “remarkably nasty, even for a far-right nut job.” Hillary Clinton, whom he championed in the 2008 primaries, gets it for voting for the Iraq war and running a messy campaign. Still, Carville says, Clinton would have made a good president. “The kind of campaign you run doesn’t have much to do with the type of president you’d be.”



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