Nothing In Obama’s First 100 Days Made America More Secure, Stronger in the Long Term

As Russia and China rearm, the United States is cutting defense spending.

The Secretary of Defense is saying we are disarming not for budget reasons; but he can’t say precisely why we are choosing to do away with long-lasting power projection tools like the F-22 aircraft and maybe even an aircraft carrier.

But it isn’t just defense spending that makes us say we are no more safe, secure or better off than 100 days ago.

Sure we have a stimulus of some $750 billion; money all borrowed mostly from China.  And will the stimulus make lots of jobs for people who will pay lots of taxes, social security and all the rest?

Probably not.  The jobs being created are the kind that require gloves, mostly, not minds.  Chances are those jobs won’t generate wealth: as any college professor can show the monetary benefits of a college education and the likely jobs that come after.

And what are the ‘signals”  President Obama has sent to the good guys and bad guys of the world?

He killed three Somali pirates but you won’t see any boasting about that in his 100 day resume.  That’s because he is more proud about the “moral compass” he restored bu releasing American interrogation secrets.

President Obama has snuggled with Hugo Chavez and at least one Castro — all really nice to have photo memories along with those gained in Europe: but what have we American gained long term?  Good feelings, I guess….

Oh we do have an Obama committment to end greenhouse gases and eliminate oil and coal.  But this promise seems problematic in the extreme.

Like Obama’s drive for universal health care and education for all, what we do know about his climate change proposals is that it will cost a ton of money.

The real long term outcome of these first 100 days is thus si9mple: all we really know is we’ve amassed a lot more debt.

And that doesn’t make this American feel good despite all the happy Talk from Democrats in Washington….

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