“Air Force Dumb” Closes Obama’s First 100 Days of Stupid Moves

O.K. we know President Obama is popular like a rock star.

The problem is, in these troubled times, we need a lot more than a rock star.

One more bit of trouble is this: with all the media support following Obama all day every day and the White House in a “feed the media cycle” mode 24 hours a day, we are starting to believe this toxic mixture could hide the truth and make O.J. into a rock star.  This media and politics mix is dangerous, as we believe, time will certainly show…

Why is the president bragging about his moral compass?  Like we have to raise ourselves to the level of whom?  People in Europe?

Morality is the President of the United States defending and protecting the American people…..

In the presidency we need someone who will take responsibility, provide real leadership to Americans and the world, and who stands for something other than spending our grandchildfren’a wealth like there is no tomorrow.

It seems fitting that as the first 100 days close, we are alreay pointing blame around for yet a nothing costly dumb move: a “photo op” for Air Force One which frightened New Yorkers by reminding them of 9/11….

And although the White House Military Office head Louis Caldera took the heat, there has been no word from Mr. Obama himself to say, “I appointed him, he workd for me, we take responsibility…”

What we got was Obama saying on Tuesday: “It was a mistake, as was stated … and it will not happen again.”

Worse, we have already heard people on the street blaming the Pentagon and our military, which was clearly only a tool of the White House political machine in all of this….

And this photo op is in no way isolated: it is part of a 100 day trend of stupid muggings for the cameras…..Rock Star stuff….

Michelle Malkin:

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If you had told me some of these Obama stories three months ago I would have said “impossible!”

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Fed up?
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