Nuclear Power As Green, Lower Cost Alternative?

The U.S. should build 100 more nuclear plants rather than spend “billions in subsidies” for renewable energy if it is truly committed to lowering electric bills and having clean air, the Republicans say.

In the party’s weekly radio and Internet address, Sen. Lamar Alexander said the United States should follow the example of France, which promoted nuclear power decades ago. Today, nuclear plants provide 80 percent of France’s electricity, and the country has one of the lowest electric rates and carbon emissions in Europe, he said.

In contrast, renewable electricity provides roughly 1.5 percent of the nation’s electricity, according to Republicans. Double it or triple it, and “we still don’t have much,” the Tennessee Republican said.

“There is a potentially a dangerous energy gap between the renewable electricity we want and the reliable electricity we must have,” he said.

In contrast to Democrats, Alexander said Republicans:

Read it all from the Associated Press:


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