Napolitano Being Attacked in Ads as Person “Profiling” George Washington, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan as “Terrorists”

The No Political Profiling Coalition ( is saying Janet Napolitano is “profiling” you as a terrorists if you are like the Pope, Ronald reagan, Mother teresa and George washington

The group has begun placing full-page ads, the first in this week’s Washington Times Weekly edition and the Times’ Wednesday daily edition, demanding the removal of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for the DHS report “Rightwing Extremism.”

Coalition Chairman Janet Folger Porter (who hosts a nationally syndicated daily talk show and is the President of Faith2Action) observed: “Even though DHS admits it has ‘no specific information’ of violence planned by so-called right-wing extremists, nevertheless, the report labels millions of law-abiding Americans potential terrorists and calls on state and local authorities to monitor their activities.”
Porter charged: “Not content with slander, Napolitano is calling for domestic spying on opponents of the Obama administration.”
Among those stigmatized as extremists and potential terrorists are: Iraq War veterans, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, pro-life activists, Constitutionalists (those who believe in federalism) and immigration-reform advocates seeking to secure our borders.
Porter continued: “While the Obama administration refuses to use the word ‘terrorism’ in connection with militant Islam and overlooks jihad terrorist cells currently training on American soil, instead it has labeled millions of law-abiding Americans as ‘the most dangerous domestic terrorism threat in the United States’ for holding views that are not politically correct.”
Porter declared: “This is an absolute outrage. We demand Napolitano’s immediate removal, a sincere apology from President Obama for the damage done to the reputations of those smeared by the report and its immediate retraction. “
“Every day Janet Napolitano remains Secretary of Homeland Security is further proof of this administration’s disdain for the Constitution and willingness stigmatize its opponents to advance a partisan agenda.”
The ad includes pictures of George Washington, Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan and Pope Benedict XVI – all “right-wing extremists,” according to Napolitano’s Department of Home Land Security.
The ad is sponsored by a coalition of more than a dozen conservative organizations, including the American Family Association, Religious Freedom Coalition, Let Freedom Ring, United States Justice Foundation, Vision America, and Faith2Action. A full listing may be found at the bottom of the ad.

See The Ad:


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