Government still spending like a drunk in a casino? Leads to anger….

Getting angrier?  Perhaps because there’s so much to be angry about, says Michael Deacon. of the Telegraph in the UK….But this could happen in the USA and quickly too…The Tea Parties already showed some anger is there….
Britain is boiling, and it’s not because summer has arrived. There’s no escaping it: as a nation, we’re getting angrier. Rage is all the rage. Rancour is one of our few remaining growth industries; it’s about the only thing this country produces. If you have a laptop handy, go to a news website now. A broadsheet site, a tabloid site, Sky News – anywhere that lets readers post comments beneath the stories. You’ll be whooshed away on a cascade of bile. Everyone, or so it seems, is livid, and they’re keen to let everyone else know.

It’s hardly surprising after this week’s Budget. During its time in power this Government has done innumerable things that have angered sizeable sections of society: the wars in the Middle East, the ban on foxhunting, its indefatigable efforts to kill off rural villages. But with this Budget the Government excelled itself: it finally succeeded in doing something to anger everybody.

The rich, most obviously, because of the 50 per cent rate of income tax for those on £150,000 or more. But also the less rich, who are wondering why, when the rest of us are having to be cautious with our cash, the Government is still spending like a drunk in a casino. And the poor, if they aren’t angry about the Budget now, soon will be when they find that it’s putting them out of jobs – because the rich will be spending less, and because businesses will find Britain an even less attractive place to set up shop.

But the sense that our national blood pressure is rising doesn’t just come from our feelings about the Budget, or about this Government. It feels as though we’ve been simmering for years, vexed by almost any subject you can name. Which is not, or so we’ve always liked to believe, typical of the traditional British character. We’re meant to be the nation with the stiff upper lip. The nation that says, “Mustn’t grumble”. The nation that venerates queuing.

Is that true today? It doesn’t look like it. This afternoon, if you’ve got the stamina, go to a shopping centre or high street. If you don’t come out angrier than you went in, you must be a Buddhist. Our towns are a scrum of jostling impatience. They are crammed, you unfailingly find, with two types of people: those who are inconsiderately slow and get angry when others push past them, and those who are inconsiderately hurried and get angry when others are in their way. (You, of course, always move at the correct and most considerate speed. It’s everybody else who gets it wrong.) Perhaps our pavements need motorway-style fast lanes and slow lanes.

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Taxes are getting high enough in Britain that the talented and highly paid may leave their homeland….This could happen in the USA too….



From Town Hall:

Obama comes to Washington with an alarmingly simple program. Basically, he wants all the money we have and to bury every single problem under mounds of freshly printed currency.

Banks failing? Bail them out. Auto companies floundering? Send cash. Medical costs going up? Create the world’s most expensive and all-encompassing HMO. Poor people complaining? Send them checks.

Obama’s approach has the merit that liberals seem to prize most—consistency. Every problem can be solved by spending “billions and billions.”

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