Fox Will Not Air Obama “Press Conference” This Week; Obama’s Lust for Free TV Costs Networks Millions

Clearly President Obama has dominated the news like no other president ever before.  Many newspapers have wondered if the president is “overexposed.”

And yet, even though his own Spokesman Robert Gibbs made fun of the 100 day mileston (calling it a fabricated “Hallmark” moment) the White House asked all the major TV networks for free air time this week.

Fox said no…

It’s about time the president join the real world.  Air time sosts money and so does flying around in Air Force One (or sending the back up for a photo op joy ride).

We are tired of all the talking and tired of all the borrowing, debt and spending Mister President!

Obama’s Lust for TV is Costing Networks Millions

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From AP

The Fox network is sticking with its regular schedule over President Barack Obama this week.

The network is turning down the president’s request to show his prime-time news conference on Wednesday. The news conference marks Obama’s 100th day in office. Instead of the president, Fox viewers will see an episode of the Tim Roth dramaLie to Me.”

It’s the first time a broadcast network has refused Obama’s request. This will be the third prime-time news conference in Obama’s presidency. ABC, CBS and NBC are airing it.

From AP



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