Obama’s World Tour Maybe Too ‘Superficial’ Even for Fidel

Stop the presses! Finally, after half a century of staunch disagreement with Fidel Castro, I see the Cuban dictator has rendered a judgment with which I heartily agree.

Responding to the Prophet Obama’s friendly conversation with his brother President Raul Castro at the Summit of the Americas in steamy Port of Spain, Mr. Castro, in the words of the Associated Press, “blasted the new U.S. president for showing signs of ‘superficiality.’ ” After all the Hollywood stars Mr. Castro has hosted on his island paradise, you can rest assured he is a connoisseur of superficiality.

By R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

Mr. Castro apparently was angered by the Prophet’s response to Raul Castro’s offer of Cuban diplomats to convene with their American counterparts and discuss “todo” – that is Spanish for everything. Pardon my swanking, but while at the summit, the Prophet did some swanking with his bilingualism, too. He called Hugo Chavez, another Latin American dictator, “mi amigo” with near perfect accentuation.

Raul Castro had mentioned human rights, press freedoms and political prisoners as topics for discussion, and our president, in his innocence, thought Mr. Castro was talking about … well, political prisoners – for instance the prominent opposition leaders who were imprisoned six years ago, many of whom still suffer in Cuba’s ghastly hellholes. Mr. Obama also mentioned the Cuban government’s larcenous policy of taxing the money that Cubans abroad send back to their families. That really irked Fidel Castro, whose denunciation of our president could put him in bad odor with his Hollywood fans.

Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore and the rest have had warm relations with Fidel through the years. The political awareness and activism of our actors and actresses go back generations to the selfless political engagement of John Wilkes Booth. Always, our actors are passionate about their beliefs.

There is something curious about the frenetic pace of the 44th president’s foreign trips this month. Not since the summer of 1998 has an American president made so many dashes abroad. Have any of the sleuths in the Washington press corps checked on Mr. Obama’s relations with his interns?

I josh, but his energetic globetrotting is unusual, given his obligations at home. Here we are struggling with recession and a sour banking system. The Prophet adds to them the most colossal domestic package since the New Deal and hastens off to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Increasingly, it appears the Prophet Obama is not so much conducting a presidency as a world tour. He left for London on April 2; hit Strasbourg and Baden-Baden, Prague, Istanbul and Iraq; and returned early on April 8. Eight days later, he went off to Mexico, then Trinidad, returning to his empty White House on April 19. What will be next for our restless president, Disneyland?

Read the rest from the Washington Times:

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One Response to “Obama’s World Tour Maybe Too ‘Superficial’ Even for Fidel”

  1. DB Reese Says:

    Great read! I love having foreign leader spout off about our short comings, just makes me feel so proud to be a citizen of the world. Sorry, had a Gorafalo moment. It is a shame that it takes a non American to point out the obvious that has the media turning a blind eye, the fact that it is Fidel is even more sickening.


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