Unfathomable Obama, Media Thinking On Interrogations, War, and More Seems Orwellian

We’re being tortured by what we’re seeing — at least some of us.

And I have no idea where the president is going.  Or much of the media.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Kathleen Parker wrote:

“Enhanced interrogation” wasn’t really torture, they decided, as long as the pain administered didn’t result in “death, organ failure, or serious impairment of bodily functions.”

By that definition, waterboarding — the simulated drowning technique favored by Inquisitors ferreting out heretics — wasn’t torture.

The problem with this thinking is we were not looking for heretics but the mass murderers of our fellow American citizens.

President Obama wants to protect all Americans, he says, but he also says he’ll talk to the Taliban.   He said he wants to “discuss” with the “moderate Taliban.”  These guys don’t allow the education of girls.  Doesn’t the president have daughters?  The Taliban could be on the cusp of taking over Pakistan.  Then the president will have to discuss with them: they’ll have nuclear weapons.

The Taliban believes in beheading.

Obama, Clinton May Have Missed The Pakistan Transition Into a Terrorist, Islamic State

Obama wants to ‘discuss’ with Taliban? Taliban threatens to kill aid workers

The president has vowed to restore our “moral compass” and he has already moved us, he says, in that direction by releaseing some documents relative to torture — a word we can say — of “enemy combatants” and “terrorists”  — word we can’t say.

I’ve seen some torture and the testicles are often the target….

In the Taliban’s world one can see real torture….

His staff covered icons relative to Jesus at Georgetown.  Who decides in this White House the “moral compass?”  Jeremiah Wright?  God damn America!  I’m confused.

The president proudly pronounced efforts to cut $100 million from federal spending at his first cabinet meeting (after about 90 days in office) yet last i checked he was spending $1 billion every day.

He flew to Iowa on his gas pig Air Force One for an “Earth Day event at a windmill factory…and he has talked about “green jobs.”  But the windmill factiry only employees 90 people and it replaces a washer and  drier factory that employed one quater of the town: a workforce of 4,000.

Obama Administration lawyers have already said they’ll accept the “we were only following orders” defense as they sort through the interrogation mess….  That defense was made famous by Hitler’s death camp guards.

And didn’t the congress know a lot of the details about the interrogations now called torture?
Pete Hoekstra in WSJ: Congress Knew Details Of Interrogations Now Called “Torture”

Didn’t congress approve?  I mean, if not what happened to the checks and balences I learned about in the 6th grade?

We can’t fully learn what our military leaders think about our future defense budgets because they have signed oaths of silence.
What Do American Military Leaders Think? Now That They’ve Signed Secrecy Oaths….

And we apparently can’t learn the entire truth about the Tim Geithner-Ben Bernanke deals now being foisted upon the banking induustry.
U.S. Urged Executives to Silence In Banking Deals

And the president posed for photo ops with some of the worst abusers of human rights in the Latin American world while just about ignoring the best U.S. ally.

I annot tell where this is taking us but it seems….

It seems a little Orwellian to me.

Free Speech Failing or Under Assault in America

Obama: Man That Proclaimed Hope, Bipartisanship and Uniting Is Going About Destroying Everything The Tiny Minority Believes

Free Speech Failing or Under Assault in America


President Obama did away with the term “enemy combatants” in early march.  DHS Secretary Napolitano has just about refused to say the word “terrorists” as she and her department chase after veterans and canadians, apparently…

Pentagon: No More War On Terror…..maybe…
No War on Terror; No, Wait: I Like To Know What I’m Talking About!

Interrogations or Torture? Obama Promised To Bring Us Together But Offers Hope Of Tearing Us Apart (Further)


See Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post:


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