“I’ve Been Waterboarded and It’s Not Torture”

“I’ve been waterboarded and its not turure,” my friend said.  “Ask John McCain or your Vietnamese wife about torture.”

My wife and many of her friends were at one time guests of the communist Vietnamese.  One favorite form or torture involved the slow dislocation of the shoulders.  The hands of the subject are tied behind his or her back and a pole is placed between the back and the inside of the elbows.  Then the subject is hung up to dry.  Over time the shoulders dislocate.  In my family, that’s called torture, even though no blood is lost.  All other kinds of “torture” involve blood and not water…..Like a tooth extraction the rough way.

Waterboarding “scares one to death,” my friend said.  “And that can make it a kind of mental torure, maybe.  It could induce post traumatic stress disorder, I would suppose.  But it is used to get information by encouraging one to make a choice: talk or get more.  Nobody ever suffers any real or lasting physical harm.”

“I am encouraged that a legal opinion was even asked for considering that the people subjected to the waterboarder where the worst of the worst kind of killers from the hate America part of the globe,” said my friend.


From another friend:

My brother Charlie was murdered in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. He went to his banking job that morning, with the reasonable belief that he would return that evening to his loving wife. That was not to be.

In the immediate aftermath, we witnessed the heart-rendering scene of our elected government representatives arm-in-arm, singing patriotic hymns, and vowing to the American people: Never again!!

Here we are, in the year 2009 – 8 short years later – debating whether or not it was ‘moral’ to water board the very sc_mbags involved in planning future horrific attacks on out mothers, fathers, children, brothers, and sisters!

President Obama: I did not vote for you. You are my president now, and I wish you every bit of success – for if you fail, we all fail. Be careful in how you judge your predecessor, for you do not yet know the events that you may face, or the decisions you may need to take in to protect this great nation.

Waterboarding “Torture” Used On U.S. Military People at Survival Training

Is Obama Happy Now? Spanish Lawyers Go Ahead With Trial For U.S. Officials On Torture “after all that’s been going on in the United States”


2 Responses to ““I’ve Been Waterboarded and It’s Not Torture””

  1. Max Barron Says:

    I’ve been water-boarded as well. I’ve also been held in the hot box, stress positions, sleep and sense deprivation.. the works. None of those things are things that I would classify as torture. They are not comfortable, for sure. But torture? Not hardly. Besides, if water-boarding some terrorist saves American lives… I’ll bring the bucket.

    I also blogged about this today. Seems to be the topic of the day haha. I’ve seen numerous posts today.

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