Obama, Cuba and Chavez: “The Mouse That Roared”

Go rent or buy the now aged Peter sellers film, “The Mouse That Roared.”

After viewing this film, some may gain a new understanding of the Obama foreign policy and the view taken by the likes of the castro brothers and Hugo Chavez.  Only in our current movie, nobody has to attack the United states and lose.  In Obama world, the evil dictators just roll over, the president of the united states says he’s sorry, and undoubtedly, better relations and foreign aid may follow.

Carter tried weakness as a foreign policy strategy,” said Newt Gingrich, “and it didn’t work.” 

What’s The Obama Doctrine and What Principles Guide All These Chummy Meetings, Bows and Apologies? 

A World Of Trouble For Obama

 Obama Overtures to Castro, Chavez “tells them they can get away with murder”


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