Iran’s Ahmadinejad Accuses U. S., Europe, Israel of “destabilizing the entire world”

n a rambling speech, Ahmadinejad on Monday pointed the finger at the United States, Europe and Israel and said they were “destabilizing the entire world.”

Some European diplomats immediately walked out of the room when Ahmadinejad said Israel was “created on the pretext of Jewish suffering from World War II.”

“The UN security council has stabilized this occupation regime and supported it in the last 60 years giving them a free hand to continue their crimes,” Ahmadinejad said.

From Haaretz (Israel)


UN chief Ban Ki-moon condemned Ahmadinejad for his tirade against Israel.

Ban says the Iranian leader “used his speech to accuse, divide and even incite, directly opposing the aim of the meeting.”

“Such outrageous anti-Semitic remarks should have no place in a UN anti-racism forum,” said British ambassador Peter Gooderham, whose country chose not to send a minister to Geneva.

And French ambassador Jean-Baptiste Mattei said: “It is a pity that Mr. Ahmadinejad is trying to take this conference hostage. We are ready for serious discussion but this is beyond what should have been expected.”

Read it all:

Iran's President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses ... 
Iran’s President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the High Level segment of the Durban Review Conference on racism at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva April 20, 2009. United Nations officials sought on Monday to salvage a U.N. racism conference that Washington and its major allies are boycotting over concerns that it will be used as a platform for attacks against Israel.REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

U.N. Racism Confab Spirals Into Bashfest On U.S., Israel (Ahamadinejad Joins Obama’s ‘America Sucks’ Theme)


Ahmadinejad’s speech also took aim at the United States for its role in the global economic crisis and at Western countries for imposing unfair economic conditions on the developing world. Among his more brazen claims was the allegation that Zionists instigated the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in concert with weapons manufacturers.

Iran’s state TV broadcast pictures showing some delegates cheering and other delegates leaving the conference.

“The president confidently continued his speech despite efforts by some Western diplomats to disrupt his address,” it said.

From the Associated Press:

Delegates walked out of the assembly room as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran spoke during a conference on racism in Geneva on Monday. Photo: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

From The New York Times:

In remarks at a cabinet meeting on Monday, on the eve of Yom Hashoah, the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Six million of our brethren were massacred during the Holocaust. Sadly, not everyone learned the lesson.”

“While we gather to honor their memory, in Switzerland there will assemble a conference allegedly aimed against racism,” he said. “Its guest of honor is a racist Holocaust-denier who does not hide his intentions to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

Referring to Mr. Ahmadinejad’s role at the conference, Mr. Peres said Monday: “There must be a limit, even to the neutrality of Switzerland. Today is the day? This is the man to speak? This is the outlook for the future?”

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