He Ordered The Execution of Three Somali Teens But Iran and North Korea Get A Pass? Where’s Obama’s Backbone?

Figuring out Barack Obama is still the game of the globe this year.  He talks a good game but is he game for real confrontation?  It seems not but then again….

His economic speech at Georgetown yesterday was a dusted off campaign talk with biblical references and today’s urging to take the sting out of tax day fell on the deaf ears of thousands of protesters nobody would have believed they’d ever see marching with signs: conservatives…..

Barack Obama may be popular with some but the bloom is off the rose.  He’s a tax and spend liberal socialist who has removed the word terrorist from the U.S. government lexicon….unless his Department of Homeland Security is talking about veterans and other evil conservatives….

Obama has lost his way …. if he ever had it.  Psst: Mr. President: They don’t speak Austrian in Austria and a Chinese made IPod is not a suitable gift for the Queen of England.  Iran and North Korea are big threats, Mr. President, and don’t expect the U.N. to help you on that….Your pie in the sky is spending my grandchildren to tears, Mr. President, while you goof around with a dog…..

He talks about better education for poor kids but kills the vouchers to pay for that — at the same private school that his kids attend…..

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Last summer in Europe: the people were at his feet.  Now?


By Ruth Marcus
The Washington Post

When will President Obama fight, and when will he fold? That’s not entirely clear — and I’m beginning to worry that there may be a little too much presidential inclination to crumple. For all the chest-thumping about making hard choices and taking on entrenched interests, there has been disturbingly little evidence of the new president’s willingness to do that when it discomfits his allies.

“Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions — that time has surely passed,” Obama proclaimed in his inaugural address.

Well, not exactly. Look at the fate of various proposals in the Obama budget, and the question that arises is not Walter Mondale’s famous “Where’s the beef?” It’s “Where’s the backbone?”

Granted, it’s early — too early to know whether this anxiety is justified. No president gets everything he proposes, in the budget or elsewhere. Picking battles is part of the art of presidential politics.

Just ask Jimmy Carter, who picked the wrong one with Congress, early on, over lawmakers’ cherished water projects — and then blinked on a veto. “That convinced people that he was not willing to stick to tough positions,” Carter adviser Stuart Eizenstat recalled in a 1982 oral history.

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One Response to “He Ordered The Execution of Three Somali Teens But Iran and North Korea Get A Pass? Where’s Obama’s Backbone?”

  1. Sidney Carton Says:

    There’s just no pleasing some people. What exactly do we do about Iran genius? Shall we bomb them? Invade them? Nuke them? And the same goes for North Korea, except (wait for it…) They already have nukes. That’s right, your brilliant, brainless former place-holder of a president ignored both Iran and North Korea so he could get some oil for Uncle Dick in Iraq, and finally prove to his daddy that he was a man. Well, he did it, and left us with the check, there will be nothing done about either of these nations in the manner you desire, and the reason for that is we don’t have the resources, you can thank President Bush for that.

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