Teaching the leftist agenda in school

I recently met two families totally dedicated to home schooling their children.  I had no idea why.  But then each parent, one by one, spoke to me about “social engineering” comming home to them from their children…..I have come to believe in home schooling and to research the kinds of things being taught to our young Americans in school.  The writer below puts the case very well indeed….


The relationship between Unions and the Democrat Party has been well documented. Far too many Americans remain unaware of just how this partnership effects their personal lives, and plays a significant role in their homes. I’ll speak from my own experience, and my focus will be on the public education system.

Both of my sons attended a highly ranked public school district in So. California. My wife and I put the education of our children at the top of our priority list. As is the case with most families, we taught our children the human values that we held close to our heart. We taught our children the principles of life that we deem important for their character, as well as their ability to achieve peace within their own spirit. Like most parents, we also wanted balance in their lives.  We got our children involved in youth sports, scouting, music, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The day came, when we started to notice some conflicting information coming home with our children by way of teachers. What really bothered us, is that this information didn’t really have any connection with what we were sending our children to school for; reading, writing, math, science, history.  No, quite the contrary. Our third grader came home telling us all about how to put a condom on a cucumber, and describing a Vagina in detail. Wow, that got our attention. We then started paying closer attention to exactly what kind of subject matter was taking place in school. What we discovered was shocking, at least to us. A leftist agenda was taking place so blatantly….

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