Tea Parties Mocked, Maligned But Not Criticized with Rational Thought

Many people are “Fed up with excessive spending, planned tax increases and a federal government that first caused the financial bubble through misregulation, and then grabbed power in order to ‘fix’ it,” Glen Reynolds writes in today’s New York Post.

This, of course is the root cause of the Tea Party movement.

The grass root cause…

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said today, “Something is desperately wrong when the government spends more than it takes in.”

That sounds rational to me…..  And to a lot of other people who are watching with a combination of fear and disgust as the Big Government in Washington DC throws money around that is not theirs.  In fact, much of the money being thrown around belongs to our children and grandchildren — earning the nickname “generational theft” for all this debt spending.

And who is financing the debt?  Well, China, mostly.

Now that does not sound like a good idea to me.

Tax Day Tea Party

So lets consult an “expert,” Paul Krugman, in today’s New York Times, on how the Left tells us the tea parties are not a good thing…..

Krugman’s brilliant rebuttal to the common sense of the Tea Party movement is this:

“Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people. Better, perhaps, to focus on the real policy debates, which are all among Democrats….”

Read: Republicans don’t matter because they have no voice and they are crazy anyway.

Then why does Krugman feel a need to spend an entire column in a dying newspaper bashing these useless and voiceless people?

Of the tea parties he says, “antitaxation demonstrations that are supposed to evoke the memory of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution — have been the subject of considerable mockery, and rightly so.”

And why is the mockery so ‘rightly so”?  He doesn’t say.  On the Left I guess they know.   Krugman won’t make argument but he will make fun.

Then Krugman reaches deep into his bag of tricks for ideas, words and people that drive the Left nuts: Rush, socialism, Obama’s birth story, Tom DeLay (like he matters any more to anybody…)….

Krugman adds: “it turns out that the tea parties don’t represent a spontaneous outpouring of public sentiment. They’re AstroTurf (fake grass roots) events, manufactured by the usual suspects. In particular, a key role is being played by FreedomWorks, an organization run by Richard Armey, the former House majority leader, and supported by the usual group of right-wing billionaires. And the parties are, of course, being promoted heavily by Fox News.”

O.K.: ACORN’s paid protests at the homes of AIG execs are “grass roots” events?


Public discourse is at a new low.  Krugman establishes himself in his column today as a bigot against free speech and a bitter man unable to make his case.

So he makes bile.


Why The Left Needs To Pay Attention to Tea Parties
(Includes Krugman’s column)

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the balcony of the White ... 
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the balcony of the White House before the start of the 2009 Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn in Washington, April 13, 2009. The president planned to pass out cash and candy to ACORN members and others he wants to vote for him….Reuters


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