Obama, Sovereignty, Pirates, the U.N.

As a U.S. Naval Officer for more than 20 years, I was taught to never give up one inch of soveriegn U.S. territory or freedom.  “Territory” was always extended to any U.S. flagged vessel and certainly to any U.S. Embassy: both were always legally protected as “U.S. soil.”

Jimmy Carter gave some of this legal protection away by allowing the U.S. Embassy in Iran to be taken by riotous thugs.  And today it seems that President Obama will follow suit with the thugs of Somalia.

Here we have maybe dozens of armed, stateless men “taking on” the U.S. and perhaps “winning.”

In Thailand a similar situation is unfolding: hundreds and perhaps just a few thousand of unhappy rioters are disrupting the business of state and the work of an international organization: ASEAN.

Protests in Thailand, Easter 2009

An anti-government protester pleads with Thai soldiers not to use violence against Thai

President Obama has suggested that the Unted States become more global and more international and has said the United Nations should play a greater role in our thinking.

But this raises the issue of sovereignity and how important we thaink that is.

Today the United Nations stands with only a few harsh words between it and a nuclear and long-range missile armed North Korea and Iran.  Many of the smaller countries in the U.N. applaud North Korea and Iran just as thy applaud pirates “taking on” the United States.

Is this the sate of affairs we really want?  Is this in the best onterest of …. whom?


Letter to the Editor from The Washington Times

For the first time in many decades, pirates have attacked and seized a U.S.-flagged ship on the high seas. This, in case anyone doesn’t know, constitutes an attack on the United States.

In years past, this would have prompted a strong counterattack, like sending the Marines to the shores of Tripoli. Yet, when asked about this outrageous transgression against America, President Obama simply declined comment on the matter, as if to dismiss the attack as an insignificant incident – no matter that, at the time, the captain of the ship remained a hostage of lawless pirates.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made up for Mr. Obama’s lack of words, but what she said was not just startling; it was shocking. She declared that the “world must come together to end the scourge of piracy.” Does this mean that the once-mighty United States is incapable of striking back and instead needs the “world” to protect it from acts of piracy?

Another thing: Mrs. Clinton unequivocally called this unwarranted attack on the United States of America “criminal activity,” as if to relegate the piracy to the level of a meager criminal offense. Adding insult to injury, she laughed off the incident with one of her patented cackles.

Somebody should inform Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama that this act of piracy, like others through the centuries, is an act of terrorism by enemy combatants and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, in light of Mrs. Clinton’s remarks, it appears that our government has come full circle to the pre-Sept. 11 mentality of equating terrorism with petty crimes. If George W. Bush were still president, these motley pirates who seized the American ship most likely would be shaking hands with Allah.




On Thailand:

Abhisit Vejjajiva, the prime minister of Thailand, has declared a state of emergency in the capital Bangkok, with troops firing shots into the air in an attempt to control anti-government protesters, some of whom stormed the country’s interior ministry.

See the Telegraph (UK):

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